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3D Archery Range

Step into a realm of precision and artistry at Buffalo Nickel Lodge's meticulously designed 3D archery range. Tailored for both novice archers and seasoned bowmasters, our professional setup invites you to bring your bows and enhance your skills on our captivating course. Immerse yourself in the challenge of hitting lifelike 3D targets, all within the serene beauty of our lodge surroundings.

Whether you're aiming to refine your technique or seeking to test your abilities in a dynamic setting, Buffalo Nickel Lodge offers the ideal platform to elevate your archery prowess. Our 3D archery range isn't just a practice ground; it's a sanctuary where the pursuit of excellence merges with the tranquility of nature.

Embrace the thrill of 3D archery and add a new dimension to your stay at Buffalo Nickel Lodge. Discover the satisfaction of hitting lifelike targets with precision, setting the stage for success in all your archery endeavors. Join us in celebrating the art of archery and make your time at Buffalo Nickel Lodge an unforgettable chapter in your outdoor journey.

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