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Randi Hensley

Howdy, my name is Randi Hensley and I was born and raised in Kentucky! Because of my passion for animals and agriculture, I went to school for Animal Science!


I grew up spending most of my time outdoors working on the farm, riding horses or quads, fishing, camping, etc. This quickly grew to hunting when my dad, who was an avid rabbit hunter with beagles, started taking me. As I got older, I became more and more interested in different types of hunting. I’m now absolutely obsessed with turkey hunting. I love trying and learning more about different wing sports.


I feel my truest self when I’m outdoors. I was becoming miserable at my normal 9-5 sitting behind a desk. I knew I was being led to do something in the field that I truly enjoyed. I chose to follow happiness and what sets my soul on fire. After so much thought and courage, I’m now in Kansas chasing my dream.


Photography has allowed me to capture core memories in a very detailed way. It has shown me my love and respect for the beauty of the outdoors. Behind the lens I see that same passion I have myself, in others. That is what life is truly about, so don’t be surprised if I have a camera in your face to capture it! I can’t wait to meet you and spend quality time in the outdoors together!

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