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Western Flight is located in South Central Kansas near the historic town of Greensburg. The main lodge and operation sits on over 480 acres of natural prairie grass and plum thickets. We also manage and hunt multiple other ranches composed of thousands of acres in the immediate area. We have been managing wildlife for nearly 30 years, and although we have a preserve license, we also have a very large population of native birds to ensure you experience the hunt of a lifetime.


4 Pheasants Per Hunter

Our Dogs


Discover the thrill of upland hunts at Western Flight Farms. Enjoy 4 pheasants per hunter, and if your spirit soars higher, seize the unlimited option at $25 per bird. Unleash your hunting prowess against the backdrop of Western Flight Farms' expansive landscapes.

Join our skilled hunting dogs at Western Flight Farms as they lead you through an exhilarating upland hunt. With English Pointers, German Shorthaired Pointers, and flushing spaniels by your side, anticipate the thrill of Ring-necked Pheasants, Chukars, and wild quail flushed within shooting distance. Across our expansive 480-acre natural habitat, your hunting expectations are sure to be exceeded.

Our environment reflects decades of wildlife management with untouched prairie grass and plum thickets alongside vast neighboring ranches. With both preserve and native bird hunting opportunities, immerse yourself in our natural haven for an unparalleled hunting adventure.


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